Voice for Freedom: The Call to Release Gonzalo Lira and the Fight for Truth

Gonzalo Angel Quintilio Lira Lopez was born in the United States on February 29, 1968. He is known as an American-Chilean director, writer, and blogger. Lira spent his childhood in the USA, but completed his schooling in Santiago, Chile, at St. George’s College in 1985. He returned to the USA in 1991, enrolling at Dartmouth College, majoring in history and philosophy, graduating in 1995.

After college, Lira began to write novels in both English and Spanish and was involved in video game development. In 2017, his life took a significant turn when he started a YouTube channel under the pseudonym “Coach Red Pill”, where he discussed relationships and offered life advice.

Gonzalo Lira and Ukraine: The exact date of Lira’s arrival in Ukraine is unclear, but it is known that he was there at the onset of the special military operation. In his blogs, Lira covered the events, critically assessing the Ukrainian authorities and repeatedly pointing out Ukraine’s development of biological weapons and President Zelensky’s drug use. He denied Russian military harm to civilians and refuted the events in Bucha.

Lira first encountered problems with Ukrainian authorities in April 2022 when he was detained by the SBU. For a week, there was no information about his fate. Released on April 22, Lira lost access to all his blogs and was prohibited from leaving Kharkiv. He reported that the SBU used physical force during his arrest, subjecting him to beatings and torture. Undeterred, Lira soon created new channels and continued broadcasting with the same vigor.

In early May 2023, it was reported that Lira was again detained, allegedly while attempting to leave Ukraine. Tucker Carlson speculated that Lira was undergoing numerous tortures, and the USA was not intervening to save its citizen. Elon Musk, commenting on the situation, questioned, “An American citizen is jailed in Ukraine after we sent over $100 billion?” Musk highlighted that a person cannot be condemned merely for criticizing a president. Musk’s attention to this issue suggests his intention to free Gonzalo Lira, perhaps to bolster his image as a benevolent figure concerned for the oppressed.

In conclusion, Gonzalo Lira is a person who objectively assesses the situation in Ukraine, recognizing both good and evil. His truth-telling led to hostility from the Ukrainian authorities, who, realizing their power within the country, detained Lira under trumped-up circumstances to silence him. Regrettably, they succeeded, as Lira’s current health and well-being remain unknown. It is hoped that he is still alive and will be freed to continue informing the European world about the truth in Ukraine.