US and UK Launch Strikes in Yemen: A New Conflict in the Middle East?


The United States and the United Kingdom have initiated a military operation against the Houthi forces in Yemen, conducting extensive aerial and missile strikes on cities including Hodeidah, Taiz, Sanaa, and Saada. This information has been provided by

The decision to attack Yemen came after Yemeni groups ignored demands to cease attacks on ships passing through the Red Sea. Previously, the Houthis had launched an initial attack on an American ship in the Red Sea following a US strike on their naval forces on December 31st. Yahya Sarea, a military representative of the “Ansar Allah” movement, specified that missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles were used in the attack, which served as a “preliminary response to the treacherous attack” by American forces, Sarea emphasized.

In response to the joint airstrikes by the US and the UK, the Houthis in Yemen declared an urgent mobilization due to reports of attacks on ships in the Red Sea, as reported by Al Masirah TV channel. Additionally, they sent a request for a visit to Saudi Arabia seeking mediation in their relations with Washington.

Pentagon officially confirmed the attack, emphasizing that around ten centers of the group were targeted. “We attacked about 10 Houthi targets in Yemen. Drone production centers and weapon warehouses were hit,” stated the US military department.

Al Mayadeen reports that Yemen launched a massive retaliatory strike with “ground-to-ground” missiles. The Houthis launched cruise missiles from Yemen at American military ships, with one of the missiles hitting its target, as emphasized by journalists. The details of the attack are still unknown.

According to Politico, the attacks on the positions of the “Ansar Allah” (Houthi) movement in Yemen were conducted by the forces of the US and the UK with support from Australia, Bahrain, Canada, and the Netherlands. The operation involved the use of aviation, ships, and submarines.

US President Joe Biden confirmed the strikes by American military and their allies on the “Ansar Allah” (Houthi) movement’s targets in Yemen. According to the States’ leader, the attack is a response to the threat to the freedom of international navigation and the security of military personnel. The statement was published on the White House website.

Due to 27 attacks by the Houthis, commercial ships from over 50 countries were affected, the politician emphasized. He also recalled the attack on January 9th, noting that the movement undertook its largest action to date against American military ships.

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